Saturday, July 26, 2008


July 26, 2008

Note to any readers I might still have: I started this post several months ago, so please don't hold the "today" against me :P

Today I had my first singing lesson since I had the catheter implant surgery, waaaaay back in October last year. Turns out my vocal range is still mostly there - a full step down in the top range, as my teacher says, but my low range is intact. What's completely missing is any sign of stamina. And of course, the fluid didn't help.

Fluid? Yeah, fluid. Last night, I was so focussed on getting my dialysis started by 10pm, because my supplies for the next month would be coming in early this morning, that I totally forgot I would have to use slightly different programming, and a regular bag of dextrose solution for my last fill of the morning (and do a split midday exchange). Didn't realize my mistake until this morning. N very kindly offered to reschedule, but I refused. I had been waiting for this day for simply months! No way was I going to put it off, even if I did have my full complement of fluid for the day.

Speaking of fluid - I've in fact been consciously been speaking in shorter sentences, because I find that I lose my breath completely by the time I get to the end of long sentences. It is very disconcerting, because I've never had to think about breathing while speaking. I mean, we outgrow that by the time we learn to speak, ferchrissakes. I hate that - that and the completely unexpected hitch in my breath (almost sounds like a sob) as my diaphragm goes into spasms every now and then. VERY annoying.

But back to my lesson - I had a very enjoyable session with N. I have missed this so much all these long music-less months! I didn't notice the time pass at all, and WAY before I was ready, I had to leave. But I am set for the next 5 weeks at least, after which N and her husband are going on a cruise to the Galapagos Islands. Wish I could go to the Galapagos too! Anyway, I'll be there at her house like a burr, once she gets back.

Moving on to the present...

I haven't voluntarily cancelled a lesson since I started up again. In fact, since I wasn't able to attend the spring recital, and the summer one was cancelled due to lack of interest (there were exactly two singers willing to go on, and not enough songs prepared for even a half hour recital between the two of us - yeah well, what did you expect?! Of course I was one of the two), I now have a new repertory of 7 songs that no one has heard, except for N, of course, and her two kids, who are usually home when I have my lessons.

N says I have enough to have a small concert al my own, which we have yet to schedule. My aim was for after Amma gets back from CT. Now I have several people planning to visit (or flying in to live here) who are all going to be there the second week of September, so it is tempting to do it then. But I will have to really get ALL the songs in perfect shape for that, and with just 5 weeks to go, that's a little daunting. Not to mention all the work work work that is hanging over any plans, like that alien ship over the city in Independence Day... :-(

So if and when that solo concert happens, I will be sure to update you, all my two blog readers. Until then, adios!