Thursday, March 18, 2010

How I came to home hemo-dialysis training

The original blog post is here: How I came to home hemo-dialysis training on NxStage

You would have read my posts more than two years ago, for peritoneal dialysis and my training on the Baxter HomeChoice cycler (look at the very first few of my blog posts). Welcome to my hemodialysis training blog series!

I would much rather have posted a COPY of my own blog post, but the almighty google sayeth: "Thou shalt not use copy-and-paste, even from thine own blog post"


And therefore dear readers, please go forth to my new blog location because I will be damned if I use almighty google's blogspot ever again.

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Hi everybody (all 3 of you!) :-)

After this loooooong absence, I bring to you the blog entries that I wrote for the NxStageUsers forum - all further blogging for a while is going to be in that location, so please consider reading them at their source. I will tryand re-post them here, with explanations of terms when I can, as I head towards the end of my training for home hemo-dialysis, and get to bring my NxStage System One cycler home.

Without more ado, here is the series.