Friday, November 23, 2007

PD Training - Day 3

At home training. Blissful, getting up at 8am instead of 5:30. I did my morning exchange, had a bit of breakfast, and headed right back up to bed. I slept like a log, trying to catch up on all my sleep debt I'd accumulated that week and the previous week, until it was time to do my next exchange, and have lunch. Felt lower than a snail's belly because I hadn't told CMR that I was actually going to be home all day. I needed the rest, but that didn't make me feel any less slimy.

So anyway, I started work at 3:00pm. Before I knew it, it was time for the evening exchange. Brought down the time for an exchange from 1 hour and 15 minutes to just about 50 minutes. Some progress. This day, I was supposed to use only yellow bags (thanks to the almost-fainting episode the previous day).

Today was also the day that I went online and ordered PD-specific stuff to the tune of almost $500. There was a collapsible IV pole (that I absolutely need at work),a solution-warmer-in-a-bag that I can take to work and leave it plugged in, and 4belts for me to use during the day to tuck my catheter into. I have two home-made belts, made of the softest muslin, and they do the job, but they can only be backup for these belts that are MADE for the express purpose of tucking the catheter into. Unfortunately, they didn't have overnight shipping, so I would have to use my homemade belts, and use a backpack with the heating pad, to carry my PD stuff to work.

Remember I said my friend V had picked up the shelving unit for me from Costco? When he got here, I was upstairs in the middle of my evening exchange. I heard the door bell ring, then suddenly Amma's voice was GONE! I didn't know WHAT to think. Then I heard what I thought was the hot water tap in the downstairs bathroom, and thanks to all the CSI and other crime dramas that I like to watch when I do watch TV, my imagination started running wild. I yelled my loudest, and finished up the exchange in record time, then ran downstairs to see what was going on.

V had arrived, Amma had opened the garage door (what I thought was the hot water tap) and they were both outside and couldn't hear me in the slightest anyway - debating how to get the shelf box out of V's car into the garage. It was too heavy for him to lift alone, so they opened the box, and unloaded it in pieces. It just occurs to me now (as I write this), that I could have just reached over and opened the curtains to take a peek outside. I would have seen V's car, and my BP would have been OK...


Shyam said...

That's what comes of watching all those crime dramas... it overrides natural logic and common sense :D

Nimmy said...

Good going Anu!!! Posting your experience is a very good idea.

Radha said...

Nimmy! I'm glad you're reading my blog. Belated wishes for your birthday - I tried to call but your phone number has apparently changed.

Send me an email with your new contact details, would you please, Nims?