Friday, February 01, 2008

And THIS is why I didn't want to consider paying for a kidney in India...

I find the sale of human organs abhorrent - there's no way in hell I'll ever take part in it, or do anything that might possibly encourage it. There's no guarantee that the donation is voluntary, that the donor remains healthy after the kidney is removed, that there's any kind of medical followup for the donor, etc. No doubt because there's a market for these illegally acquired organs, there's a full supply chain, at the top of which are the usual suspects, and that chews up and spits out its victims, most of whom are barely literate, and who most likely don't have a clue about possible health repercussions, and are unlikely to look farther than the next meal, because of the daily scramble to make a living.

From the article:

NEW DELHI - Police said they were raiding hospitals and guest houses Monday as part of their investigation into an illegal transplant racket that removed kidneys from up to 500 poor laborers and sold their organs to wealthy clients.

Police suspect that dozens of doctors were involved in the kidney racket, which had a waiting list of some 40 people hailing from at least five countries.
... the Hindustan Times newspaper reported that those who were paid for their organs earned 50,000-100,000 rupees (between $1,250 and $2,500).

The kidney ring had a waiting list of dozens of people from India, the United States and Greece, according to the Hindustan Times. Several patients waiting for a transplant were at the facilities when police raided them Friday, but they were allowed to return to their countries without being held for questioning.

And why were the waiting recipients allowed to leave? They should bloody well be held accountable for their part in this. But oh wait - they are the ones with the money, so they get to go scot free. This makes me SO VERY ANGRY!!!

The doctors who would take part in such a thing - they are beneath contempt. I hope they are caught and punished, with a huge dollop of humiliation on top. Greedy buggers all up and down the chain... What the article I have linked to did not mention (but I heard in a radio news report of this) was that the people at the top of the chain got to sell each kidney (or other organ) at up to a 5000% markup over what the actual donor was paid.

I'd much rather remain on dialysis than take even an unwitting part in anything like this. If I can't find a donor among my family and/or friends, then so be it. I will wait. I will wait until some unfortunate accidentally dies, and their family donates the organs. And when I die, I want each and every part of my body that can possibly be used to help somebody else, to be so used, including skin.* The rest can go to a body farm or other biological research facility. I have a will and have stated as such in it.

*HAH - you didn't think of skin as an organ, did you? But it is - the body's largest! And cadaver skin can be used to save burn victims, for skin grafts, especially if the victim is burned over a large part of their body and needs large skin grafts.

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I'm proud of you, Radigose, and so is Pete. Very!