Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New writer I have come across - B C Woods

BC Woods is a Pacific Northwest local resident, which for some reason it took me this long to "get", considering where I live :P

Anyway, I have his blog bookmarked just for his writing style - humor, passion, cynicism, reality, sadness, anger, everything, all mixed up in blog posts that somehow really resonate with me. A lot of his autobiographical posts are more than a bit shocking, in their language and dark, gallows humor, especially to someone like me, who's had a sheltered childhood, and a sheltered adult life (this by choice)...

But I do think BC has a real talent for writing, and I'm happy I found his blog (don't even remember how I got to it the first time), all I know is I read the top post of his blog at the time, was simultaneously horrified and hooked, read everything else on his web site, and bookmarked it as one of my favorites. He isn't quite as prolific as I would like him to be (not least because he has a day life as a student), but it is always thrilling to see his posts that don't have to do with live-blogging Battlestar Galactica :)

Here're a few links from BC's blog - cutely called "Dunce upon a time." Read them and then read all his posts... This is someone I would love to have as a friend. If I weren't too distracted from everything by the constant pain in the feet and the neverending work. And too lazy to set up and maintain correspondence even as a first step.

Without more ado - here's B C Woods:

The Value of Maintaining Homeostasis: A Rant Against Over-Sensitivity Autobiographical, and definitely not child-safe. But still funny as hell. He's one of the few people who can keep me in side-splitting laughter while still being totally horrified by what I'm reading, and further horrified by the fact that I am laughing helplessly.

The writing on the wall is one of his science fiction shorts. Not a very representative sample of his writing, but no matter what, most of his stories really resonate with me.

Smiling sick is a sickly kind of fantasy story. Didn't totally "get" it, but still.

Autobiographical - funny how the man can make you laugh hysterically while he describes his less than 20-20 vision :D

This one is also autobiographical. And funny, as always.

Read and enjoy.


Shyam said...

I thought he was an author at first and was all set to search out his books... but ok, he's a blogger. I guess I'll just bookmark him! :)

Shyam said...

He's brilliant! That dry cynical sense of humour is RIGHT up my alley! :)

Brandon said...


I saw this on my admin panel and just thought I'd drop a comment to say thanks.



Radha said...

Brandon: Glad you found this little entry :) And you're absolutely welcome! Please keep writing. Now you have me and my sis to add to your (no doubt growing) fan list. :)

- Radha

Shyam: Didn't realize you check my blog every day. And yes, the reason I am a BCWoods fan is that he has exactly that dry cynical sense of humour that I LOVE. Going by most mainstream American comedy, this has more than a touch of that self-deprecating Brit comedy that we both like.

Anonymous said...

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