Friday, May 01, 2009

An oddly addictive blog

This one reviews pens, and their writability and balance and a whole bunch of other characteristics... The author has a run-of-the-mill interesting style of writing - and I mean the way he puts words together to describe things, not how his handwritten words LOOK. He also maintains a blog about notebooks and notepads.

These are both odd things to be an addict of, for sure, but I think I know at least one someone (hi Shyamali :-)) who'll find this brilliant. I am enjoying reading reviews of pens, notebooks and notepads (all of the non-electronic variety), but haven't written anything on paper for the most part of 15 years, other than hurriedly scribbled notes at meetings, etc. Otherwise, all my "writing" is done with a keyboard, so much so that I seem to have lost my neat handwriting altogether.

Anyway, thought this was a cute site, so here it is :)

(edited title to be grammatically correct)

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