Thursday, December 27, 2007

Effects of dialysis on my body


1. My hair is growing like crazy, has stopped falling so much, and is back to what used to be my normal "untamed forest" (no doubt due to the far better diet I'm eating now, rich in protein)

2. I have far more energy during the day (in other words, I don't nod off every time I sit down for more than 5 minutes, like your typical nonagenarian)

3. My ankles don't disappear at the end of the day (all right, I might have a little golf ball there some days, but not always)


1. I feel like a bloated snake all day.

2. I have yet to feel hungry, since the day I started dialysis - I have to force and/or remind myself to eat (and make sure I eat nutritious food).

3. I frequently feel out-of-breath because the fluid pushes on my diaphragm, not allowing me to take a deep breath.

Things that haven't changed:

1. My feet hurt just as much as before - for a while, after I started dialysis, it felt like the nerve pain was getting better, but no, that was just an illusion.

2. I am still just as lazy and averse to exercise

3. I am still not losing as much weight as my doctor would like to see - still struggling to get down to my dry weight (and no, I'm NOT publishing that number for all the world to know!)

I'll add more bullet points in each section, as they occur to me :)


Shyam said...

Wish MY hair would grow like crazy.

Shyam said...

PS. Too bad about your feet... perhaps the pain will get better with time.

Teesu said...

My hair does not grow like crazy because it IS crazy! Frizz is my middle name. Sorry not been on the bolggy scene for a bit. Will get back by 31st. Do you like watching movies? Is that an option for you to kill time?