Thursday, December 06, 2007

More observations about life on dialysis

So that rant in my last post, where so many of you tried to cheer me up? I've discovered the cause - I was hungry as hell that night. I didn't feel that hunger as one normally feels it (a pain in the general stomach region), because I don't, not since I've started PD. I only remember to eat before every exchange because I remember the faintness and dizziness that came over me once when I hadn't been eating right.

That was the day I filled the whole 2.5 litres, because I wasn't paying attention. So the usual feeble signals that I get from my stomach were also completely absent (that little gnawing sensation was simply not there that day). I completely forgot to have dinner. And so I had myself a huge bout of self-pity, compounded by the fact that it'd only been a few days since Amma left, so I was missing her like crazy, I hadn't yet settled into an Amma-less routine. That's where the rant came from. I've not stopped missing Amma, but I'm sloooowly settling into that Amma-less routine I mentioned.

Yesterday, I was feeling really whiny and close to tears, for no apparent reason - snapping at poor CMR even though she is likely under even more pressure than me at work, being on two projects at once. I was a BEAR all through our team conference call last night. And then it hit me - I hadn't had my dinner. Then I also realized that that vague nausea I'd had all evening was my poor stomach signaling that it had much too much acid and not enough food in it. Palm, meet forehead! I almost knocked myself out with that thwack :P

Some of the dumb things I do, I tell ya!

Now when I feel all whiny and run-down, I remember this lesson and go eat something nutritious. I have finally learned to pay attention to what my body tells me. Typical conversation:

Me: "What now?!"
Body: "Go take some Tums, dummy - I'm being eaten up with acid!"
Me: "Oh, yes, now that you mention it... I am feeling that little twinge of acidity."

And now I really have to go take some Tums.


PS: It is really amazing how much my body's internal voice sounds like big sister's :P


Shyam said...

VERY funny! On the other hand though, that inner voice (and your sister) make SENSE! :D

brinda said...

dunno about your inner voice, but dinner definitely makes sense. sadly, so does your sis... gawd! what's come over me? maybe dinner is a good idea -- for me, right now, before i say more madly indiscriminate things :-)

Shyam said...

Let's just call it the Dinner Voice, shall we? :D And leave big sisters out of it?

rochelle said...

Hi pd patient from L.A. here. I've been hunting for other pd folks who have maintained brain function in spite of losing kidney function. You're my first! My center seems pretty good, but they want me to be friends with their "gang" and they're nice, just not interesting!(or intellectually acute apparently_ And they are cheerleaders. I cannot tolerate a cheerleader! So, you seem to be getting on board with grace and one has to be connected to any woman who will describe her bowel habits in a public forum. I can see you're quite busy, but would love to hear from you. I'll be checking your blog too.

Radha said...

Hi Rochelle :)

Good to hear from you - you are my first commenter who is not family or friend who I sent the link to, but someone who found me on the intertubes! I'm so proud :D

And hey - maybe you should start a blog too, so I can follow your challenges and victories, learn from and commiserate with you where required :D

I'm glad you found this blog, in spite of the fact that I've forgotten to tag any of my posts with "Peritoneal Dialysis", or the equivalent... Been meaning to do that for a while now, actually.

My PD unit here, people are generally nice, but at least they've never tried to get me to be part of the "gang" - that would make irritate me EVER so much... I think I'm pretty lucky that the only cheerleader in the PD unit is the Social Services person - and she is paid to be so :P

As for my bowel habits - heh. You should listen in on some of my cousinly (yes, I'm talking about Teesu *grin*) conversations sometime :P

Anyway, welcome to my blog, again. I don't know where you are in the process, so if you have just started, hope this little chronical* helps :)

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