Sunday, May 03, 2009


I'm perhaps about the last person in the world who hadn't heard Susan Boyle sing, either live or on this YouTube recording. But better late than never!

This is the first chance I've had, since I heard about Susan Boyle, to find the link and hear the voice that has captivated the world -- and now that I've heard her, I'm almost too ashamed to leave my own puny offerings up on my blog. THAT is pure VOICE! Oh to have that voice...... Ms. Boyle, I wish you all the very best, and am waiting for your first album to come out. Any recording company that has heard you sing, and NOT signed you up immediately is the dumbest ever!

I can't find the embed code I need to display the video on my blog... So here is the URL - for those who haven't heard her, I urge you to click on the link and listen to that sublime voice...

Without more ado, here's Susan Boyle


Shyam said...

And now that you've discovered her, there's nobody left in the world who hasnt heard Susan Boyle sing :)

sbo said...

I realize those are forsbobet doggies but I would be hard pressed not to eat one ;)