Friday, May 01, 2009

A very useful site - especially for frequent travelers

I ran across this site today - One Bag - The art and science of traveling light - and have been reading it - you never know what you'll come across while idly browsing the internets, in an effort to find something to do while waiting for traffic to ease (thus keeping your sanity out and temper in during the daily commute drudgery).

The author has almost made a science of packing the minimum necessary for travel. I think this is a wonderful site - if you like doing things systematically, and tend to build up by-rote habits that allow you to get things done with your hands while your head is busy working out other problems. I can't travel much, so this is just fascination for me, but others, who do travel often for business or pleasure, will find this has at least a few good tips, if nothing else.

Thinking of my brother, whose new job involves criss-crossing the country from his base in Boston...

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So i did check it out. Yeah, you must be the last person to hear her :-)